Covered Test Clamp (UTC)

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Covered Test Clamp is an electrical measuring instrument that, in the form of a clamp, facilitates the measurement of current in a circuit without the need to interrupt or directly interfere with the measurement.

1. **flow measurement:**
– The main use of these clamps is to measure current in an electrical circuit.

2. **testing and measuring pressure:**
– In some models, the clamp cover is also used for pressure measurement. This allows the user to measure the pressure inside different pipes or systems without the need for direct intervention.

3. **Electrical protection:**
– The coating in these clamps plays a protective role and provides the user with greater safety in dealing with electrical parts.

4. **Repair and maintenance:**
Coated test clamps are very efficient in electrical maintenance activities. By using them, you can quickly diagnose electrical problems without removing the components.

According to the type and model of the coated test clamp, the features and applications may be different.

Test with UPVC cover is made of strong and light materials.

1. UTC 1: For wire-to-wire connection
2. UTC 2: to connect belt to belt
3. UTC 3: To connect the tape to the belt

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