Disconnecting Link with Metallic Box (EPL)


A Disconnecting Link with Metallic Box is a critical electrical component designed to disconnect or isolate specific circuits or equipment. Key points:

1. Functionality:
– Primary role is to disconnect or isolate a circuit or equipment from the power source.

2. Design:
– Consists of a disconnecting mechanism in a metallic box, offering protection and containment.

3. Isolation:
– Physically disconnects a circuit or equipment for maintenance or repair, ensuring safety.

4. Safety Feature:
– Enhances safety during maintenance, preventing electrical shocks or accidents.

5. Metallic Box:
– Provides additional protection against environmental conditions and physical damage.

6. Manual Operation:
– Designed for manual operation, offering a simple and reliable disconnection method.

7. Indication Mechanism:
– Some models have indicators for the circuit’s connected or disconnected status.

8.Compliance with Standards:
– Adheres to industry standards, ensuring safety and reliability in electrical systems.

This component is crucial for secure disconnection in electrical systems, with the metallic box adding durability and protection.


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