Copper Bonded Steel Earth Rod Coupler (GRU)

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The Copper Bonded Steel Earth Rod Coupler, often labeled as GRU, is a component in grounding systems used to connect or extend copper-bonded steel earth rods. Here are key points about the Copper Bonded Steel Earth Rod Coupler:

1. **Connection and Extension:**
– Connects two copper-bonded steel earth rods.

2. **Threaded Design:**
– Features threads aligning with the earth rods.

3. **Material:**
– Made of copper-bonded steel for strength, conductivity, and corrosion resistance.

4. **Corrosion Resistance:**
– Essential for long-term durability and reliability.

5. **Versatility in Grounding Systems:**
– Enables construction of continuous and reliable grounding paths.

6. **Secure Connection:**
– Ensures a reliable link between earth rods for effective dissipation of electrical currents.

7. **Ease of Installation:**
– Designed for easy and quick attachment, streamlining the extension of the grounding system.

8. **Compatibility with Standards:**
– Adheres to industry standards for safety and performance.

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