Disconnecting Link (EP 1/1)

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Disconnecting Link refers to a device used in electrical systems to interrupt the flow of current or to disconnect a circuit temporarily. It is a mechanism that can be opened or closed manually to control the electrical continuity in a circuit.Disconnecting links serve various purposes in different electrical applications, including safety, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Some common uses of circuit breakers are:

1. **Power and electrical systems:**
– In electrical repairs and maintenance of electrical systems, Disconnector are used to disconnect connections and safety of works.

2. **Electronic industry:**
– In testing and connecting and disconnecting connections in electronic circuits and electrical equipment.

3. **Safety systems:**
-Safety systems encompass a broad range of measures and technologies implemented to ensure the protection of individuals, property, and the environment from potential hazards and risks.

4. **Cars:**
– In cars to disconnect the battery or disconnect electrical connections in electronic systems.

5. **Construction industry:**
– In the installation and repair of electrical systems in buildings.

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