Extensible Copper Bonded Steel Ground Rod (GR-CB)

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An “Extensible Copper Bonded Steel earthing Rod” is likely a type of earth rod designed for adjustable length. Key points about this include:

1. **Material Composition:**
– Made from copper-bonded steel for electrical conductivity and durability.

2. **Adjustable Length:**
– Can be extended or adjusted to different lengths for customization.

3. **Threaded Design:**
– Likely has a threaded design for easy extension and secure connections.

4. **Versatility in Installation:**
– Its extensible nature makes it versatile for installation.

5. **Ease of Connection:**
– Includes connectors or couplers for straightforward and secure connections.

6. **Adaptability to Soil Conditions:**
– Adjustable length enhances adaptability to various soil conditions.

7. **Compliance with Standards:**
– Adheres to industry standards for safety and performance.

8. **Use in Various Applications:**
– Applicable in telecommunications, power distribution, and industrial settings where reliable grounding is essential.

9. **Electrical Conductivity:**
– The copper earth rod layer ensures high electrical conductivity for efficient dissipation of currents into the ground.

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