Solid Copper & H.D.G. & St. St. and Earthing Plates (ESl 165)​

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Solid Copper Earthing Plates and H.D.G. (Hot-Dip Galvanized) Steel Earthing Plates are vital in grounding systems:

– Solid Copper: high conductivity and corrosion resistance.
– H.D.G. Steel: durability and corrosion protection.

– Solid Copper: solid structure for reliable grounding.
– H.D.G. Steel: steel base with galvanized coating for longevity.

**Conductivity EarthingPlates:**
– Solid Copper: excellent electrical conductivity.
– H.D.G. Steel: conductivity through galvanized layer.

**Corrosion Resistance:**
– Solid Copper: natural corrosion resistance.
– H.D.G. Steel: corrosion-resistant via galvanization.

– Solid Copper: versatile for various grounding applications.
– H.D.G. Steel: adaptable for different soil conditions.

– Both types: designed for easy grounding system installation.

**Compliance with Standards:**
– Plates adhere to industry standards for safety and regulatory compliance.

– Used in diverse settings like industrial facilities, power distribution, and telecommunications for effective grounding.

Solid Copper Earthing Plates and H.D.G. Steel  ensure reliable dissipation of electrical currents and stability in electrical infrastructure.

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