Pipe Earthing Rod (GR-SSP, GR-GSP)

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The Pipe Earthing Rod, made from stainless and galvanized steel per IEC 62561, is crucial for earthing, especially in earth wells. Earth-reducing materials around it are vital for optimal resistance.

For vertical installation in wet soil, galvanized steel earth pipes (40mm diameter, 2.75 meters) or perforated pipes are common. Pipe dimensions depend on soil type, suitable for normal, dry, or rocky conditions.

Maintaining low earth resistance is key for efficient current dissipation, subject to fluctuations due to weather and humidity.

Keeping the Earthing electrode vertical in the ground is essential for secure connections to different ground layers.

Earthing Rod , A tight connection between the ground conductor and components is crucial for effective grounding.

To connect wires to earth plates, short metal pipes with bolts and nuts are used, applying grease for corrosion protection. The main goal of earth electrodes is to create a safe path for unwanted currents to ground, reducing electrocution risk, and safeguarding equipment from damage due to overvoltage or transient currents.

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