“C” Crimp Connector (CC)


“C” Clamps connect two-wire conductors, while “C” Crimp Connectors accept a range of stranded or solid circular conductors. These connectors, made of pure copper, offer corrosion resistance and high conductivity, meeting BS 7430 standards.

A “C Crimp (CC)” is a type of electrical connector designed to join or terminate wires using a crimping method. The “C” shape typically refers to the form of the connector, resembling the letter “C” when viewed from the side.

Key features of a “C Crimp (CC)” may include:

1. **Material:**
Typically made from materials such as copper or aluminum known for good electrical conductivity.

2. **Crimping Mechanism:**
Designed with a mechanism that allows wires to be securely crimped or compressed within the connector.

3. **Termination:**
Used for joining or terminating wires, creating a reliable electrical connection.

4. **Versatility:**
Suitable for a variety of wire sizes and applications, providing flexibility in usage.

5. **Ease of Installation:**
Engineered for easy installation through crimping tools, ensuring a secure connection.


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