Bare Stranded Copper Conductors(CBS)

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Bare Stranded Copper Conductors (CBS) are electrical conductors made of copper that do not have any insulation or protective covering. These conductors consist of multiple strands of copper wire twisted or braided together to form a flexible and durable conductor. The absence of insulation allows for easy flexibility and bending, making them suitable for various applications.

Key features of Bare Stranded Copper (CBS) include:

1. **Material:**
Made from copper, known for its excellent electrical conductivity.

2. **Stranded Design:**
Comprises multiple strands of copper wire twisted or braided together, providing flexibility and strength.

3. **No Insulation:**
Lacks any protective covering or insulation, making them suitable for applications where insulation is not required.

4. **Flexibility:**
The stranded design enhances flexibility, making these conductors easy to work with in installations that involve bending or twisting.

5. **Common Applications:**
Used in various electrical applications such as grounding, overhead power lines, and where insulation is provided separately.

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