Bare A.C.S.R Wire


“Bare ACSR Wire” refers to a type of electrical conductor commonly used in power transmission and distribution. Here’s a simpler description:

1. **Bare ACSR Wire:**
– “Bare” means the wire is without insulation.
– “ACSR” stands for Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced.

2. **Composition:**
– The wire is composed of a core made of steel strands for strength.
– The outer layer consists of aluminum strands for conductivity.

3. **Purpose:**
– Used in overhead power lines for transmitting electricity.

ACSR wires are designed to combine the lightweight and high conductivity of aluminum with the strength of steel. This construction makes them suitable for long-distance power transmission where both strength and electrical performance are crucial. For specific details about a particular Bare ACSR Wire, including specifications and recommended applications, it is advisable to refer to the product documentation from the manufacturer or consult with professionals in the field of power transmission.


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