Straight Wire Connection Bolted Clamp (PCC)

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Direct wire connection screw clamp (PCC) is used in direct connections on stranded or steel cables.

The PCC screw clamp has features that make it suitable for connecting wires to steel or stranded cables. The features of this type of clamp are:

1. **Connection bolts:**
This clamp is designed using nuts that allow direct connection to wires.

2. **Suitable for stranded and steel cables:**

3. **brass structure:**
This type of clamp is used for mechanical connections and is used to connect to conductor cores of circular shape.

5. **Simple and practical: * *
This wire connection product is easy to install and use due to its simple structure and the use of screws.

Size and shape:

Direct wire are designed in different sizes and shapes to hold different components properly

These Direct wire connection screw are used in various industries including construction, electronics, automotive, and other fields.

A screw is a device that is used to maintain and connect cables securely and safely to other structures or equipment.

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