Cable Terminal Ferrules (PMC)


Cable Terminal Ferrules (PMC) are accessories used in electrical wiring. Here are key points about them:

1. **Material Choice:**
– The material is selected based on factors like conductivity and corrosion resistance.

2. **Insulated Sleeve (PMC):**
– Cable Terminal “PMC” may indicate an insulated sleeve, offering electrical insulation to prevent short circuits.The insulated sleeve provides electrical insulation, preventing contact between adjacent conductors and reducing the risk of short circuits.

3. **Compression or Crimping:**
– Designed for compression or crimping onto stripped wire ends, ensuring a secure connection.

4. **Color-Coding (Insulated Sleeve):**
– Insulated sleeves may have different colors for easy wire identification or organization.

5. **Wire Range Compatibility:**
– Available in various sizes to match different wire diameters.

6. **Enhanced Contact Area:**
– Designed for optimal electrical conductivity, reducing resistance at the connection.

7. **Standards Compliance:**
– High-quality PMC ferrules adhere to industry standards, ensuring safety and performance.


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