Air Terminal Stud (ATSD)


An “Air Terminal Stud (ATSD)” is a component typically associated with lightning protection systems. The term “air terminal” often refers to a lightning rod or rod-like structure designed to intercept and conduct lightning strikes safely to the ground. The “stud” likely indicates a threaded or projecting element used for the attachment of conductors, wires, or other components.

Key features of an Air Terminal Stud (ATSD) may include:

1. **Material:**
Typically made from corrosion-resistant materials with good conductivity, such as copper or aluminum.

2. **Threaded Design:**
Usually includes a threaded section for secure attachment of conductors or other components.

3. **Attachment Point:**
Used as a point of connection for conductors that help safely channel lightning currents to the ground.

4. **Versatility:**
Designed to accommodate various conductor sizes and configurations.

5. **Corrosion Resistance:**
Constructed to withstand environmental conditions and resist corrosion.


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