Emphasizing its commitment to user privacy, Takmid requests information from users for purchasing, commenting, or utilizing website features to ensure safe and secure services. Information such as address, phone number, and email are necessary for processing and delivering orders, with all fulfillment activities complying with e-commerce laws and accompanied by an official invoice.

It is important to note that the email address and telephone numbers provided by customers in their profiles are the only official and approved contact details. All correspondence and responses from Takmid are conducted through these channels, confirming their authenticity. Inaccurate or incomplete information may prompt Takmid to request additional details for order verification.

Customers have the option to designate another person to pick up their order by providing their name, address, and phone number. Takmid solely utilizes this information for shipping purposes.

Additionally, upon installation or use of the application, Takmid collects certain anonymous information with user permission. This data, including device details, search history, and technical information, is utilized for error analysis, system improvement, and enhancing user experience. It is not shared with any third-party partners, and users can request deletion of this data.

In the event of crashes, Takmid collects specific information to analyze and address the cause of the issue, ensuring system stability.

Takmid communicates with website members via email to provide updates on events, news, services, or promotions. Users have the option to unsubscribe from the Takmid newsletter within their profile settings. Failure to take action implies consent to receive such communications.

User-generated reviews and comments may be edited by Takmid in accordance with website guidelines. In cases where content violates laws, Takmid reserves the right to utilize recorded information for legal purposes. By using Takmid’s services, users grant consent to these practices and waive the right to protest.

Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their passwords and usernames. If a user transfers their mobile number to another individual, it is recommended to update the information in their profile to avoid potential issues.

Takmid treats users’ personal identity as confidential and does not transfer their information to any other party unless required by judicial orders or legal regulations. Users acknowledge and waive the right to object to Takmid’s use of their information by consenting to the website’s services.

Takmid is dedicated to protecting users’ information and privacy to provide a safe and enjoyable shopping experience for all.