Handy Cap & Primer

Handy Cap: Protection for your pipelines against corrosion

Handy Cap It is a kind of protective coating. In today’s world, pipelines play a vital role in transporting various fluids such as water, oil, gas and chemicals. However, these pipelines are exposed to various factors such as corrosion, which can cause erosion, leakage and failure over time.

It is considered as an ideal solution to protect pipelines against corrosion.

What is Handy Cap ?

Handy Cap It is a type of protective coating that is installed on the connections and seams of pipelines and protects them against corrosion, erosion and mechanical damage. These coatings are usually made of plastic or epoxy resin and are available pre-made in various shapes.

types of Handy Cap

Handy Plain Cap : This type is used to protect smooth joints without edges.

Handy Elbow Cap : This type is used to protect elbow-shaped joints.

Handy T-shaped caps : This type is used to protect T-shaped joints.

Handy Flanged Cap : This type is used to protect flanged joints.

Benefits of using Handy Cap

Corrosion protection: By creating an impermeable barrier between the pipe metal and the surrounding environment, it protects it from corrosion caused by various factors such as moisture, chemicals and electrical current.

Insulation and sealing: It can completely insulate and seal pipe joints and joints and prevent fluid leakage.

Impact and abrasion resistance: It is made of resistant materials such as plastic or epoxy resin, which can withstand impact and abrasion to some extent.

Easy installation: Handicaps are available in various shapes and their installation does not require special tools and expertise.

Reasonable price: Handy Cap have a more reasonable price compared to other corrosion protection methods such as painting or metal coatings.

Applications Handy Cap

Oil and gas industry: To protect oil and gas transmission pipelines

Water and sewage industry: for the protection of water and sewage pipelines

Chemical Industry: To protect chemical transmission pipelines

Food Industry: To protect food pipelines

Electrical industry: to protect electrical cables

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