Two Hole Cable Lugs (DLT)

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Two Hole Cable Lugs (DLT) are electrical connectors commonly used to terminate or connect cables in electrical systems. These lugs have two holes for securing the lug to a terminal or connection point. They are designed to accommodate the insertion of bolts or screws, providing a secure and reliable connection.

Key characteristics of Two Hole Cable Lugs (DLT)terminal may include:

1. **Dual Hole Design:**
The lug has two holes for attaching bolts or screws, allowing for a stable connection.

2. **Material and Construction:**
Typically made from materials such as copper or aluminum, which offer good conductivity and corrosion resistance.

3. **Versatility:**
Suitable for various cable sizes, providing flexibility in applications.

4. **Secure Connection:**
The design ensures a secure attachment to the cable and the connection point, minimizing the risk of disconnection.

5. **Ease of Installation:**
Designed for easy installation, making it convenient for electricians during cable termination.

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