Tape to Earth Rod Connection Clamp (GRT-P)


The Tape to Earth Rod Connection Clamp (GRT-P) is specifically designed for connecting a tape to an earth rod. This clamp ensures a secure and reliable electrical connection, facilitating the effective dissipation of electrical currents into the ground. The “GRT-P” designation likely indicates its specific use or compliance with certain electrical standards.

Key features of this clamp may include:

1. **Ease of Installation:**
The design allows for easy and quick installation, promoting efficient connection and disconnection from the earth rod.

2. **Versatility:**
Theclamp is likely suitable for various tape sizes, accommodating different needs and applications.

Using the Tape to Earth Rod Connection Clamp (GRT-P) with the appropriate tape and following recommended guidelines ensures a robust and effective grounding connection. For detailed information, refer to product documentation or consult with professionals in electrical engineering or construction.


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