“PetWeld” Mould Cleaning Tools (CTKA)

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PetWeld A cleaning kit removes solid or oxide pollution from thermite welding surfaces. After welding, the mould is cleaned with a scraper tool and a soft brush for the next operation. The kit includes a lighter for igniting the wick or torch.

The ” PetWeld” Mould Cleaning Tools CTKA are a specialized set of instruments designed for cleaning molds. Tailored for industrial applications, these tools ensure efficient maintenance and optimal performance of molds used in various processes.

A mold cleaning kit CTKA usually includes products designed to clean molds and other similar surfaces of deposits, mold, mildew, and dust. These kits may contain several items of different products, each of which has its own characteristics and uses.

1. **Cleaning solutions:* * usually contain special chemicals that are used to remove fungus and mold and clean different surfaces.

2. **Cleaning Tools:** These can be sponges, brushes, or other devices designed to make cleaning easier.

3. **Preservative:** Some kits come with preservatives or lubricants.

4. **Safety Gear:** Certain mold cleaning kits include safety equipment like gloves, goggles, and a protective mask.

Always read the instructions for each product in your mold cleaning kit carefully.




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