Earth Rebar Clamp Tape (RBT)

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These rebar connection clamps are designed to fasten the bar to steel reinforcement in concrete in accordance with BS 7430 and IEC 62651. They have a material body with high resistance, corrosion resistance, high conductivity and mechanical strength to support and pass electric current.

The clamp connecting the belt to the rebar is an important element in mechanical connections, which may have some of the following features and characteristics:

1. **Used material:**
– Usually these clamps are made of materials such as steel, aluminum or various alloys. It is important to choose the right material based on working conditions and usage environment.

2. **Mechanical resistance:**
– The clamp must have enough mechanical resistance to withstand pressure and different forces during use.

4. **Design structure:**
– Its design is based on the special needs of connecting the belt to the clampbar. It may include various straps, screws, and fittings.

6. **Low electrical resistance:**
– If the electrical connection is also the purpose of using this clamp, make sure that it has a low electrical resistance to minimize the wastage of electrical current.

7. **Compliance with standards:**
– Make sure that the clamp used complies with the standards and regulations related to mechanical connections.

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