Earth Boss (EB)


The Earth Boss Clamp is designed to provide an earth connection point on a steel structure. The boss Can be welded or screwed on the steel vessels, tanks, and other structures. It comes complete with a stainless steel dowel, a flat washer, a spring washer, and two nuts. According to BS 74

An “Earth Boss Clamp” is a component commonly used in electrical and earthing systems. It is typically a threaded metal fitting with a flange that provides a connection point for grounding conductors or wires.

In practical terms, the Earth Boss is installed in a structure, and grounding conductors or wires are attached to it. This allows for the establishment of a secure and low-resistance pathway for electrical currents to flow into the ground, ensuring proper grounding earh for safety and compliance with electrical standards.

The Earth Boss may have various applications, including in industrial settings, construction, or any situation where effective grounding is essential for electrical safety.


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