Cross Shape, Galvanized Steel Earthing Rod (GR-XS)


Cross Shape Earthing Rod GR-XS cruciform  is highly resistant to mechanical stress. 100 micron galvanized rods are expected to last reliably for 10 to 15 years. Therefore, if the life of the earth connection is less than 15 years, the galvanized earth rod is suitable and offers the most economical solution.

The four-hole cross-shaped earth rod is suitable for investigating the corrosion of coated steel rods in soft soils. Galvanized steel bars with 100 micron zinc should reliably last between 10 and 15 years. So if you have less than 15 years of earth life, galvanized earth rod is suitable and offers the most economical solution.

Cross ShapeEarthing Rod has the following features:

1. **Corrosion resistance:** Corrosion resistance is a crucial property of steel couplers, contributing significantly to their suitability for various environments. Corrosion is a natural process where metals deteriorate due to chemical reactions with their surroundings, especially in the presence of moisture or aggressive substances

2. **Mechanical stability:**Mechanical stability is a critical aspect of steel couplers, ensuring their ability to withstand various loads, forces, and environmental conditions without failure.

Earth rods have good mechanical resistance due to the increased strength due to the galvanized coating.

3. **Resistance to environmental conditions:**

The properties give the bars resistance to various environmental conditions such as humidity, heat, and various climates.

4. **Easy to install:**

Simple structure and galvanized coating make it easy to installearth rods.

5. **electrical resistance:**

As an earthing rod, this type of rod has important properties in transferring electrical current to the ground and protecting against electrical hazards.


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