Bentonite Powder (BNTT)

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Bentonite powder is a natural clay known for its absorbent and swelling properties. Here are key points about it:

1. **Composition:**
– Bentonite powder is clay formed from volcanic ash, primarily containing montmorillonite, a soft mineral.

2. **Absorbency:**
– It has high absorbent qualities, effectively retaining water, oils, and other liquids.

3. **Swelling:**
– When hydrated, bentonite swells significantly, forming a gel-like substance, valuable in various applications.

4. **Sealing and Plugging:**
– Used in geotechnical engineering for sealing boreholes, plugging wells, and creating impermeable barriers.

5. **Binder in Foundry Industry:**
– Acts as a binder in the foundry industry, bonding sand particles in molds for metal casting.

6. **Drilling Fluids:**
– Widely used in drilling fluids for oil and gas wells to cool and lubricate the drill bit, suspend cuttings, and seal borehole walls.

7. **Cat Litter:**
– Commonly included in clumping cat litters due to its excellent clumping and absorbent properties.

8. **Health and Beauty Products:**
– Found in health and beauty products like facial masks and skin treatments for its cleansing and soothing properties.

Bentonite powder’s unique properties make it valuable across industries, from construction and drilling to cosmetics and environmental protection.


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