Industrial lightning rod

Industrial lightning arrester: protecting your life and capital against lightning

Industrial lightning arresters are a type of protection system designed to protect buildings, facilities and industrial equipment against lightning.

Why use an industrial lightning rod?

Protecting Human Lives: Lightning is silent killer and kills many people around the world every year. Industrial lightning arrester can protect human lives from lightning hazards by safely directing the lightning current to the ground.

Reduction of electrical disturbances: Lightning can cause electrical disturbances and damage to electrical devices. Industrial lightning arresters can help improve the performance of electrical systems and reduce repair costs by reducing electrical disturbances.

How the industrial lightning arrester works:

Lightning absorption: The lightning rod installed at the highest point of the building or facility absorbs lightning.

Lightning Current Conduction: The down conductor of the lightning arrester directs the lightning current from the lightning rod to the ground.

Dissemination of lightning current on the ground: The lightning earthing system spreads the lightning current safely on the ground and prevents it from accumulating in one place and causing danger.

Types of industrial lightning rods:

Rod lightning rod: Rod lightning rod is the most common type of industrial lightning rod and consists of a long metal rod that is installed at the highest point of the building or facility.

Network lightning arrester: Network lightning arrester consists of a network of metal wires that is installed on the roof of a building or facility.

Lightning bolt:

The lightning rod consists of a long mast that is installed near the building or facility.

Tips for choosing an industrial lightning arrester:

Type of building or facility: The type of building or facility and its height are the most important factors in choosing an industrial lightning arrester.

Geographical area: The amount of lightning in your geographical area is another important factor in choosing an industrial lightning arrester.

Budget: Industrial lightning arresters are available in different types and at different prices. Therefore, you should choose the right lightning rod according to your budget.

Industrial lightning arrester installation steps:

Site Inspection: An expert should inspect the site and determine the best place to install the lightning arrester.

Installing the lightning rod: The lightning rod is installed at the highest point of the building or facility.

Installing the descending conductor: The descending conductor is led from the lightning rod to the ground.

Installing the earthing system: The earthing system is installed to spread the lightning current in the ground.

Lightning arrester test: After installing the lightning arrester, it should be tested by an expert to ensure its correct operation.

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